Interlibrary Loan (ILL) assists Fairmont State students, faculty, and staff by obtaining books and journal articles not available at our own libraries. This is a free service. The library absorbs the cost of getting these materials. Delivery for electronically processed journal aritcles takes only a day or two. Items shipped by mail can take three to five days.

Before You Make a Request :

  1. Check WorldCat to see that we do not in fact own the book title that you want. Be sure to change the setting from "Libraries Worldwide" to "Fairmont State University Library".

  2. Check our "Journals" link on the library's homepage to see if your journal request is in one or more of our databases. Just key in the journal title.

*** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about ILLiad ***

For non-OCLC Libraries Interested in Requesting Materials from Fairmont State

  1. Contact the ILL department at 304-367-4622 for a username and password. Then:

  2. Login Here (for non-OCLC Libraries)

Enter your user information below.
Then press the Logon to ILLiad button to continue.

ILLiad Logon

First Time Users : Register Here

To Request an item through Interlibrary Loan, you need to click here to register to the library's ILLiad system. This is not the same as your UCA login. ILLiad uses a separate username and password.

*** Forgot Password? ***